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Our new website for Storyteller Press went live on Saturday, May 7, 2011.  Please check it out!

     My father, Brad Wilson, grew up in the sleepy rural country community of Redwood Valley, California, and was used to playing with his dog, diving into the local swimming hole, and helping out on his extended family’s ranch. Then came World War II, and suddenly he was in Europe as a member of the 445th bomb group of the 8th Air Force, flying missions into enemy territory, constantly in harm’s way. Eventually he was shot down over Germany and taken as a prisoner of war. He made it through these events the only way he could… one day at a time.   He wrote this book in the last few years of his life.  I have incorporated all of his letters home as well as his actual Prisoner-of-War Journal, which he wrote while incarcerated at Stalag Luft 1 in Germany.  EVERYDAY P.O.W. is the fascinating story of an everyday boy in extraordinary circumstances.  Please give it a try! 
Available in paperback at 10% off at and in paperback for $13.95 and Kindle eBook for $4.99 at Amazon.


Midnight in Never Land is now available as a Kindle eBook for $4.99.  Download it directly to your Kindle or use the link on this page to purchase it and download it the next time you sync your Kindle.  Thanks for your support!

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Midnight in Never Land  Now

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My new novel, co-written with Michael Norris, is now available for purchase in paperback at .  It will be available shortly at Amazon and in a Kindle eBook edition in June.

People who enjoy the nautical novels of Patrick O’Brien, pirate stories, horror stories, dark fantasy stories in the vein of Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore, and literary pastiches such as League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies should all find something to like in Midnight in Never Land.  You don’t need to recognize all of the literary and historical references in order to enjoy this fast-paced book as an adventure story, but there are so many I’ve considered having a contest to see who can identify the most.  Anyone interested in participating?

The book’s back cover blurb:  “It is 1805. The Captain of a British Man of War chases Napoleon’s navy across the Atlantic to the islands of the French Caribbean. An Irish Missionary leaves his duties in the war torn revolutionary nation of Haiti to replenish his faith. A plantation owner and his family move from their London estate to the English frontier colony of Dominica. They all come together in a place that has no name, a place designated on an ancient map only by a warning: Never land.”

Mike and I started Midnight in Never Land several years ago (before, I might note, the recent vampire literature craze began.)  Now its finally done, which has as much to say about the current state of publishing technology as it does with our ability to finish something.  (Regarding the new publishing technology, I will blog about that in the near future.)

Thanks in advance for your support and we hope you enjoy reading the book.  I’ll post an item when the Kindle edition becomes available in June!

An Amazon Kindle ebook version of my first novel, Big Doin’s At The Chinese Baptist Church  [Tales of McKinleyville Book 1], became available in February. So if you are one of the cutting edge folks who use a Kindle or iPad with the Kindle for iPad app, please give it a try!

The paperback edition ("Big Doin’s At The Chinese Baptist Church," Storyteller Press in association with Page One Publishers, Inc., December 1998, 230 pages), is also available for people who prefer paper. The book has a few things the ebook version doesn’t offer: a detailed map of Huck’s version of Humboldt County and some wonderful photos taken by Humboldt photographer Brandi Easter.

If you’d like to order a copy send $12.95 plus 94 cents tax (total $13.89) to: Storyteller Press, 5774 Sierra Springs Drive, Pollock Pines, CA 95726. Please make all checks payable to Perry Bradford Wilson. The postage and handling is on me. Or, if you want to spend more money, sells the book (click on the amazon link at the left). They also have it used from several sellers, but for new copies I’m selling the book cheaper direct, and I can autograph it for you! I really appreciate your support!