Perry Bradford-Wilson lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Northern California with his wife Mary and daughter Alex.  He spends most of his time writing.  A former publisher of and columnist for “Comic Relief Magazine,” Perry now concentrates on short stories and novels.

“Tales of McKinleyville: Big Doin’s At The Chinese Baptist Church” is the first in a series of humor novels about small California towns.

“Tales of Placerville: Booksellers To The Savage West” is the second in the “Tales” series and tells the story of two young men who make their way across North America in 1849 to open a bookstore in Gold Rush California.

“Midnight in Never Land,” co-written with Michael Norris, is a historical dark fantasy taking place aboard a 19th century Royal Navy vessel during the Napoleonic Wars. Chasing Napoleon’s Admiral Villeneuve to the Caribbean, the Captain discovers a strange island where immortal beings come out to play… and feed… only at night. Equal parts historical epic, fantasy, horror, and literary pastiche, its a fun ride.

“Everyday P.O.W.” is a non-fiction memoir by a World War II P.O.W., including his Stalag Luft 1 Journal, written while he was a prisoner there, edited by Perry.

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